[Manila] 2 May -- Tuesday

My compadre,1 Mateo Evangelista, one of those who had worked hard and helped me get my passport, arrived at seven o'clock. We went to see the ship Salvadora, anchored in the river. Its captain received us well, he being a friend of my compadre who had recommended me to him.

Afterward I called on Mr. Pedro A. Paterno who gave me a letter of recommendation to his friend Esquivel and asked me to take his picture to his brothers. I bade his family farewell and I took my other things.

In the afternoon I bade the Jesuit fathers goodbye. They gave me strong letters of recommendation to the Jesuit fathers in Barcelona. I owe much to this religion (Catholic), very nearly everything that I am. There I met a gentleman who voluntarily and kindly offered to recommend me also to his businessmen friends.

From there I went to say goodbye to my dear professor of drawing, Mr. Agustin Sáez, who regretted much my departure.

Later my uncle Antonio, Gella, and I with Rosauro de Guzman went together to take dinner at the Café Suizo. My old friend Chengoy could not join us as he was suffering from an eye ailment.

I went to the house of my friends the Valenzuela girls to bid goodbye. I found them dressed as they were about to go out to pay me a farewell visit. There I found the pictures and the tea which Paterno was sending to his brothers. As a souvenir they gave me a pot of biscuits and a box of chocolates, a gift of Capitana2 Sánday, Leonor's3 mother.

From there back to my house to finish the last preparations and to write letters.

1The god-father and the father of a child address each other as compadre.

2Feminine of capitán; a form of address for the wife of a capitán; or gobernadorcillo or alcalde, the town executive.

3Leonor Valenzuela.


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