[Aboard the Salvadora] 6th day (8 May -- Monday)

The calm that reigns today is as complete as on the first day.

They say that we shall see the Natuna Islands where the steamer Gloria met its end five years ago. It is said that tomorrow we shall see Singapore. The passengers are gladdened by this news.

At half past three I saw mountains and islands which my companions pointed out to me. They presented on the southeast a beautiful view to us who have not seen land for days. A long chain of islands forming a sort of mountain range, they remind me of Talim Island with the Susong Dalaga1 of my province. Over there a mountain of volcanic formation; farther away another which looked like Calamba -- all of them covered with exuberant vegetation. It is said that they are populated by savages, half-cannibals. The fact is the only sign of life that we could see is a Chinese sampan, perhaps a pirate vessel with all sails up and full wind.

Again I remember my family and my country. Will I see them again? Always the same question. If I don't see my parents again, if my supposed enlightenment should cost me my love, how would my repentance be? But the pain of the farewell seems less to me now. Oh, time! What mysterious remedy do you carry in your flight that you could heal any wound of the heart?

1Name of a mountain on Talim Island in the middle of Laguna de Bay (Lake of Bay or Baé)


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